About Us

BL Caterers offers a wide variety of catering services in Bangalore with amazing food to fit both your event and your budget. Our full catering services handle all aspects of events such as preparation, creation, delivery, and presentation of food. We are a team of professional caterers serving the catering needs of weddings, corporate, outdoor, small parties, and more.
The organization has been one among the leaders in the Catering with a strong commitment to deliver quality services to our customers. BL Caterers, the health orient food service concern, successfully catering to reputed, institution and software companies in Bangalore.

What People Says..

" Food Quality is awesome, if you think about Mangalore Food, or South Indian food for your event, please go with BL Caterers. In Short they prepare the delicious food from the heart. I suggest BL Caterers."
- Suresh Pandeppa
" BL caterers are the best to make food for any events, Specially Vegetarian Food which make mouthwatering. I suggest to choose BL Caterers for your events to make your day more memorable with awesome food."
- Prasanthi
"We order food from BL Caterers, they delivered food on time with great taste, We planned to give all the orders to BL Caterers. I can't express the taste here on reviews but Over all the Experience was Good."
- Vijay Sagar

Planning a Fabulous Event?

occasional events

In any Occasional event, Utmost importance be given to the kind of food you serve your Guest. A Occasional events are the binding of two hearts. Preparation for a Life to be spent with loved once. An Indian fest are not just bring happiness also binds the soul and bond within the families, in a union which last forever.

Corporate Events

As a corporate company, if you are planning to give yours guest and employees delicious food, We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive cafeteria management in Bangalore, That includes everything, from food preparation and service to housekeeping and facility management.

Small & Outdoor events

The Highlight of every party or social gathering is elegantly presented and delicious food. Atmosfire is a unique new concept that helps you organize unforgettable barbecue parties with just a call. Great live barbecue grills, set in a theme of your choice.

Our Food Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of food s is to visit the store. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing food to satisfy your palate.

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